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Gospa Citrus?

Gospa Citrus fruits are the product of conscientious organic farming in what has been one of the most privileged areas in the world for thousands of years: the paradise of Los Alcores of Seville.


Seville, the paradise of citrus fruits

100% fresh


For generations, Gospa Citrus has been committed to caring for the environment and people’s health. Organic farming allows us to provide high quality standards to all consumers, within the framework of respect and love for nature.

What is organic and biodynamic agriculture?

This is a system that guarantees sustainable agriculture and healthy food for today and tomorrow, as it protects the soil, water and climate, promoting biodiversity. It does not pollute the environment with agrochemicals or transgenic crops. Because of biodynamics, we consider our farms to be complex systems and seek a balance between soil, plants and animals.

What are the advantages?

1. For our health

Organic products do not contain added chemicals. You will be consuming what you see, without your body suffering or having to eliminate toxins.

2. For the local economy

Many organic farmers farm on a small scale, thereby circulating resources to all areas of the world without causing overgrowth.

3. For the environment

Organic farming focuses on the health of our planet since it does not contaminate the soil with products that are very difficult to eliminate and that are harmful to our environment.

Seville, the paradise of citrus fruits

The story of citrus fruit and Seville dates back over a thousand years. The city’s location in the majestic Guadalquivir valley, the cradle of numerous peoples and cultures, its extraordinary climate, its abundant water sources and its land full of life offer exceptional conditions for the cultivation of these fruits.

The first citrus fruit cultivated in the city, brought by the Romans and documented by San Isidoro, was the citron. Its rind, thick and aromatic, was used for making marmalade.

The bitter orange is the species of orange tree most closely related to Seville. It is so closely related that a synonym for it is ‘Seville orange’. These were known to the Arabs from the Sindh region (northwest India) in the late 8th century. Later, the bitter orange tree was brought to the West between the 9th and 11th centuries, through the ‘Arab corridor’ until it reached Al-Andalus, present-day Spain.

We must recognize the fundamental role played by the bitter orange tree as an ornamental element in the Isbilya (Seville, in Arabic) of Al-Andalus, as translated in many texts of the time.

Mairena del Alcor

In one of the most emblematic areas of the province of Seville, specifically in the heart of the area, there are oranges that have been famous since time immemorial. These are the oranges from Mairena del Alcor, which were sold in Seville to the cry of “From Mairena, the good ones”. They have been called the “syrup oranges”, or “oranges of penetrating perfume”.

The orchards of Mairena del Alcor are famous for their bitter orange trees. The English came in search of the abundant water of Mairena to take to Seville. From Mairena they also exported the most wonderful Seville oranges so that the British people could make their delicious delicacy every year: marmalade.

In one of the photos we see Thomas Downing Kendrick, director of the British Museum (1950-1959), visiting Mairena, together with the archaeologist George Bonsor, at the well-known Alconchel Fountain.

Mairena del Alcor, the place of extraordinary natural and cultural heritage, wonderful climate, a majestic castle, abundant water and rounded hills, the place where oranges grow like golden fruits that sparkle in the sun.

100% fresh

Gospa citrus is aware that the best way to be healthy is to have a good diet. Various international organizations recommend the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health. Gospa Citrus fruits are 100% fresh, retaining all their vitamins and properties, harvested directly from our organic gardens a few hours before being sent to our customers.

Gospa Citrus offers only fresh, organic and biodynamic citrus fruits in season, with bountiful nutritional properties. Through a natural and sustainable process, we achieve the highest quality flavourful fruit for a healthy life.