“The Gospa Citrus Farm in Mairena del Alcor (Seville) are located in the heart of Los Alcores, a unique and extraordinary area dating back thousands of years. Come learn about and enjoy this magnificent historical, ecological and cultural heritage in a visit you will remember forever.”

The purity of our oranges is linked to organic farming, which is in turn linked to our privileged water, land, climate and history. Here you will learn why citrus fruits are, thanks to their more than 2,500 varieties, the most important fruits in the world.

Orange School

Located in Mairena del Alcor (Seville, Spain), the privileged historic center of Los Alcores, where the best bitter oranges in the world grow. We offer guided tours to learn about and experience the culture of the famous Gospa Citrus Fruits, including its bitter orange, the most well-known and coveted in the United Kingdom and other countries in northern Europe – the orange used for multi-award-winning marmalades at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards (Cumbria, UK).

What do we offer?

  •  Guided tours of the orchard to learn about and enjoy the world of citrus and the value of the historical, cultural and natural ecological heritage of the Gospa Citrus Farm and the Alcores area.
  • Cooking workshops on how to make British-style marmalade.
  • A light snack consisting of organic orange juice.

Visiting time: approximately two hours (flexible)
Price: Request rate

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