“The Gospa Citrus Farm in Mairena del Alcor (Seville) are located in the heart of Los Alcores, a unique and extraordinary area dating back thousands of years. Come learn about and enjoy this magnificent historical, ecological and cultural heritage in a visit you will remember forever.”

Orange Experience

The Gospa Citrus Farms offers you the freedom of exploring a private and privileged area of pure nature where orange trees and other citrus fruits grow and bear plentiful fruit. Here, the fertile land, the magnificent climate and abundant water intertwine yielding a natural treasure. The aroma of orange blossoms and the cultural and ecological heritage create an incredible experience. Immerse yourself in the cultural history of the seven-meter high Sevillian orange trees from the 19th century!

What do we offer?

  • Guided tours of the orchard to learn about and enjoy the world of citrus and the value of the historical, cultural and natural ecological heritage of the Gospa Citrus Farm and the Alcores area.
  • Citrus tasting to learn about different varieties and their properties.
  • Cooking workshops on how to make British-style marmalade.
  • A light snack consisting of organic orange juice, marmalade and bread.

Visiting time: approximately two hours (flexible)
Price: Request rate

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