Citrus fruits are among the most cultivated and commercialized species in the world. For this reason, they are considered to be the most important fruits worldwide.

They originated about 8 million years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas. The approximate arrival of these fruits in Europe took place around 310 BC. From Asia they went to North Africa and southern Europe, and from there they were taken to America around 1500.

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Citrus fruits grown with love

How many citrus fruits exist?

There are more than 2,500 types of citrus fruits, a number that continues to grow due to the easy hybridization of this fruit. They are divided into three main species: Citrus maxima (grapefruit), Citrus medica (citron, for example, the ‘Eltrog’ used in the Jewish feast of Tabernacles) and Citrus reticulata (mandarins). All other types of citrus fruits have originated from these main species.

Types of oranges

There are about 400 types of oranges. Only about 30 are marketed and they belong to three main types: Navel – called so because their flower gives rise to a second fruit, which is born inside the same orange and therefore gives an external appearance similar to that of a belly-button. White – they lack a navel, lower acidity than other oranges and no bitter taste in their juice. Blood – they generate red pigments (anthocyanins) in the pulp and sometimes in the skin, which have antioxidant and anticancer properties.


The mandarin is a fruit similar to the orange but smaller and flattened at its base. Its rind is smooth, bright red-orange in color and is very easy to peel, even with your hands. It is mainly consumed as fresh fruit. There are many varieties, most of the commercial ones are seedless.