Gospa Citrus is a company with integrity, producing organic citrus of the highest quality. Visiting Gospa Citrus, we learned about the organic production methods and got to taste wonderful oranges. Grateful thanks to Gospa Citrus for their invaluable advice in my research for ‘The Orange Grove’.

Rosanna LeyWriter and creative writing teacher, UK

Sunshine in a jar is how I describe the marmalade made from the beautiful organic Seville oranges from Gospacitrus. Grown with love and passion. Thank you.

Jenny KooChef and founder of JennyKoo’s Kitchen, UK

I absolutely love all the citrus fruits from Gospacitrus, but a special mention must be for their Seville oranges; they make the most divine marmalade, with a perfect almost aromatic fragrance. They yield lots of juice, and the peel to pith ratio makes for award winning marmalade with a superb set. I love their story too, it’s a very human story of passion and the desire to grow citrus fruits to the time honoured methods of this part of Spain. I unreservedly recommend all their citrus fruits, but especially their Seville oranges for all you avid marmalade makers out there.

Karen Burns-BoothFreelance Food & Travel Writer, Content Creator, Bespoke Recipe Developer, Guild of Food Writers, UK

I regularly use Seville Oranges grown by Amadora. The fruit is fragrant with an intensely sharp, sour flavour. Perfect for making a beautifully bitter traditional marmalade. In 2019 I received two stars in the Great Taste Awards for a marmalade using oranges grown by Amadora.  The judges said… “an intense orange flavour and a punchy bitterness….the peel exploding with taste as you bite into its soft and plump flesh. Long aftertaste with lingering citrus and sweet notes on the palate. A super marmalade…”.

Lis WalkerThe Tealady, UK

Gospa Citrus fruit is the best and not just because it’s from Seville, but because their orchards have been tended to for generations with love and you can taste this.  For me, only Amadora and Jose’s oranges will do when making marmalade. They consistently yield the best results.

Misti TrayaAward winning food writer and marmalade maker, UK

It’s SO hard for me to find organic Seville oranges!  Gospa Citrus is the best. I was SO happy when I finally found them. I LOVE the marmalade made from these amazing oranges. I just put in on my toast in the morning to get an amazing dose all of the incredible health benefits any time of the year. Not only are the oranges amazing, the folks who run Gospa are lovely human beings, I’m so thankful for their commitment to high standards for food quality and they are just a dream to interact with – always kind, detail oriented and they just have so much love for what they do. It’s an honor to be able to support their passion and their business.

Joli RobisonModel/actor USA